Do you have an alarm system at your house?  I don’t, because there is no point.

We live ‘way out in the country.  Our county is over 500 square miles and the sheriff’s department is in the center of the county, over 30 minutes away.  We’d be dead before they could get here.

My Experience With Alarm Companies

When my daughter was a young wife and new mother, she and her husband moved to an area of Kansas City, Missouri called Westport.  Once upon a time it was a town that was an outfitter for people going west.  It was annexed into Kansas City and has become an entertainment district with lots of restaurants, clubs, and an eclectic population.

A few weeks after they moved in, Daughter and her baby were entering the back door of the apartment and saw that the front door was open.  The television was sitting on the floor by the door.  It took her a few minutes for her to process the fact that burglars had just run out the front door.  Lucky her!

The burglars didn’t get much, but it took some joy out of living in that very cool apartment.  The police recommended that they get an alarm system.  Daughter called ADT.

A few weeks later, I was visiting with her and the new grandchild.  We had come home from shopping.  The back door was open, and the alarm was wailing away.  We crept into the house and discovered a maintenance man in a bedroom closet working on the air conditioner!

We asked him if the alarm company had called, and he said they had and he told them he was a maintenance man and they said ‘okay’ and hung up.  What the heck???

Every time I see an ADT commercial I say to myself, ‘Right.’

My Business Alarm

When I had at  business in a small town near me, a security company guy came by and talked me into a system.  I wasn’t expecting a burgler, but there isn’t a lot for kids in town to do.  I thought there might be some vandalism.

However, after a couple of years I couldn’t get any service when something was wrong with the system.  I discovered that the ‘guy’ had started and closed a number of alarm companies and left a lot of people in the lurch.

The monitoring company, Monitronics, did a good job of calling.  One night the front door blew open, and the police were waiting for me when I drove to town to turn off the alarm.  The police station was only two blocks away from my business.  But I had to find another company and get a whole new system.

Alarm Companies Aren’t What They are Cracked Up To Be

Have you ever had someone show up to your house trying to sell you a complicated home security system?  You probably have.

Often times the salesman will insist you need their system by trying to convince you their system offers the fastest police response time around and that they’ll give it to you free.

What they don’t mention is the response time is as slow as molasses (20 minutes) and the free system costs $50 a month to use.

Also, if it’s wired to your telephone, it’s not difficult for a thief to simply cut the wire.

It’s Time for Something Different

When it comes to home security, more and more preppers are beginning to use this simple and affordable pie shaped piece of survival/home protection gear.

This new tool is nothing short of brilliant. And I don’t say that lightly at all.

In fact it’s such a smart design and it’s so effective a multi-billion dollar industry could lose millions in profits if more people started using it.

I call this brand new survival tool the Safety-Wedge and there are many reasons you’ll love it.

  • You can start using it the day you get it for instant protection.
  • It’s perfect for the elderly to use daily. It’ll keep them protected from dangerous criminals and could even be used to get help in a medical emergency.
  • It’s lightweight and portable: Unlike security systems I can move this lightweight security device all around the house to secure different areas at different times.
  • It’ll wake the dead: With a built in 120 dB siren (much louder than a home security siren) it’ll scare off bad guys in an instant.
  • Extremely easy to use: No wires to hide, no panels to install, no passwords to remember. Just set it and forget it!

Perhaps the #1 reason you’ll love it is because it’s extremely affordable and requires no monthly fee whatsoever.

Something You’ll Actually Use

The Safety-Wedge is definitely not one of those survival tools you buy now and never use.  I have one for my front and back doors.  My husband occasionally goes out of town for a couple of days, and I feel much safer with my Safety-Wedges. I feel confident that I won’t wake up to someone on top of me.

It’s also great for travel. It is easy to pack and perfect for those less-than-secure hotel doors.

If you want to protect your home from thugs I recommend you see this new survival gear now!

Thank you so much for reading this post.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the Safety-Wedge.  And if you would share this with your friends I’d appreciate it.

Don’t be scared … be prepared,


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