Emergency Essentials

Every day there are happenings that can put your family in danger.  You can 1) put your head in the sand; 2) chew your nails to the quick as you worry; or 3) get prepared.  Hands down, this is one of the most complete courses on preparing your family to survive.  Read my review HERE.

These three handy PDF documents will help you get your car, yourself, and your family ready for winter travel.  Includes Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather, Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather Checklist, and What to Do in a Winter Weather Emergency.

Just $.99

Pet can’t prepare for themselves, so you have to do it for them.  Make it easy on yourself with these two PDF documents.  One will give you instructions on what you need to do; the other is a handy checklist.  When your checklist is filled out, your done!

Only $.99


Learn how you can quickly and economically build an underground shelter for your family.  Check this out BEFORE you build or hire a contractor.  It could save you a ton of money and work.

Financial Wellness

Riding Out the Recession:  How to Increase Your Income and Save Money During a Recession. will help you get your financial house in order and start to see light at the end of the tunnel.   Read more HERE.

Coming Soon:

Debt Destroyer


Grow more food in less time and less space with Aquaponics.  No bending, no weeding, saves water.  Click HERE

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Dog Food Recipes

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