Today is the start of what I’m calling March Prepper Madness Month.  All month long I will be bringing you some awesome prepper gear at bodacious prices.

Many of these products also come with bonuses, and some of them are free.  I’m starting out with the TACT Bivvy body bag.  No, it’s not the kind you ride in to the funeral home.  Here is the lowdown on this must-have prepper product.

Every few years a new survival tool makes its appearance on the scene and it literally changes the course of history.

Once you see this strange new body bag you’ll agree the world of survival gear will never be the same.

Go here to learn more this amazing piece of survival gear.

This new piece of survival gear, though it’s a body bag, is a head-scratchingly impossible invention.


For starters this tiny, lightweight survival tool is one of the smallest, lightest pieces of survival gear on the planet.

Watch the video:


Its featherweight design has it weighing in at just 6.2 ounces. That makes it perfect for anyone who wants to avoid lugging around heavy survival gear in an emergency or who wants to keep it in their glove box.

Even crazier?

It’s been designed with a special material where the inventors took something designed by NASA and tweaked it to make it even better!

In the mid 60s NASA was hard at work coming up with new technologies for the space program.

One of the most impressive technologies they perfected was used to protect sensitive equipment from the extreme cold of outer space.

Recently that technology was made available to the public. And the good news is a group of brilliant survivalists decided to use it in a brand new piece of survival gear.

Get more information here..

While the material wasn’t actually stolen from NASA, the idea to use it to protect people certainly was.

And now their space age material can be found in a survival tool that’s arguably more important than food, water, ammo, guns, etc.

Once you see it and how crazy useful it is you’ll understand why people have been going bananas to get their own.

The odds are quite high you’re going to love this new survival tool too.

  • It’s crazy small: Fits in the palm of your hand even though it stretches out over 6 feet long!
  • It’s extremely light: Only weighs 6.2 ounces so you can carry it wherever!
  • Recommended by experts: Top survivalists call this one of the best inventions of all time.

Plus so much more.

Right now you can get this new, NASA inspired survival tool for a very special price.

But you’ve got to hurry.  The special offer to get this new tool + a Bonus Stormproof Survival Tool could be pulled down at any second.

If you don’t already have one of these once you see it you’ll know exactly why it’s more important than survival food, water, guns, ammo, or anything like that.

Do you want to know something really awesome about this “stolen technology”? It’s 20% off the regular price. Check it out here now.

Thanks so much for reading this, and I’d love it if you’d leave a comment and share with your friends.

Don’t be scared … be prepared,


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