The survivalist mindset isn’t just for people you think are nut jobs

Do you have a survivalist mindset?  You may be a person who loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time hiking and camping.  But if you think that walking around in the woods means encounters with yucky things, this is for you (LOL). Although they’re not my best...

Nuclear disaster preparation: find out how YOU can survive!

Have you ever thought about nuclear disaster preparation?  I have, but then I grew up during the Cold War.  You might have come to the conclusion that having a fallout shelter is pointless because everybody is going to die from a nuclear bomb anyway. That’s not...

3 facts about radioactive fallout and how to protect yourself

  We often see radioactive fallout in historical articles about nuclear bombs and their applications.  However, almost no attention is given to the nature of the radiation that occurs after a nuclear explosion. In my last post, I told you about the shockwave,...

Surviving Nuclear Explosion: What You Need to Know

  When was the last time you talked about surviving nuclear explosion? Surviving nuclear explosion is probably not a daily topic of conversation at your home.  In fact, most people would like to pretend that it could never happen to them. I don’t like to...
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