National Dog Biscuit Day – Cook up some treats for your best friend

  I was looking at a calendar the other day and saw that February 23 is National Dog Biscuit Day. I don’t have a dog, but I do have a doggie friend at the 1974 Doublewide Dream House.   He’s a black lab named Mr. Davis.  Although he has an owner, he’s kind of the...

Pet Emergency Preparedness: Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

  One of the saddest things to me after a disaster is the number of pets roaming around lost.  Although many are reunited with their families, others are taken to shelters.  When no one comes to claim them, in all probability they will be euthanized. I think I...

11 facts about bats and what to do when they get in your house

I was sitting in my vacation home last night and kept hearing a scratching noise.  It sounded a little different from the usual noise of birds that nest under our roof-over, plus the birds are normally asleep by that time of night.  The sound stopped.  Good!  The next...
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