Do-it-yourself DeeDee: staining a deck, part two

When last I left you, I was feeling all down and depressed because all the work that I had done to make my deck look beautiful had seemingly gone for naught. I didn’t know where I was going to go from here. I thought about putting another coat of DeckCorrect, but that...

Do-it-yourself-DeeDee: Staining the Deck, Pt. 1

    If you read of my experiences of stripping my deck Part 1 and Part 2, you know that I’m about to start staining the deck.  Or maybe I’m about to chop it into kindling and set fire to it.  Like I said, this is not a project I want to repeat...

Do-it-yourself-DeeDee: Stripping a deck, Part 2

As someone who has always had a lot more time than money, I’ve had to learn to make do.  One of my favorite sayings, which you’ll probably encounter more than once in this blog is: Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without. There are times when I...

Do-it-yourself-DeeDee: Stripping a deck, Part 1

My life is always adventure.  This time, I’m stripping a deck. One of the things I love about my 1974 Double-Wide Dream House is the large deck outside the sliding door. I can sit on my porch swing and watch the sunset over the lake. The home came with a patio...
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