Valentine’s Day cookies with a heart – and a song!

  I have to admit that I would be happy if I could eat nothing but cookies and cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And milk to drink. But since I shouldn’t, I try to only eat goodies that I really enjoy.  Store-bought almond windmill cookies that I love...

Cheese Blintzes are simple to make and a whole lot of YUM!

  February 2 is another one of those holidays that you’ve never heard of.  It’s Crepe Day.  And I’m celebrating with cheese blintzes. If you have no idea of what a crepe is, it’s a French invention, kind of an anorexic pancake.  Blintzes, which are similar to...

Hot Head Chili Day: It’s time for some chili recipes

    Hey, it’s Hot Head Chili Day! Time to enjoy some chili recipes.  Although chili is made with hot stuff from Mexico, it is definitely a Texas creation.  It was sold from stands in the 1880s, and when the 20th century rolled around, chili joints began...

Easy-peasy Hot German Potato Salad is wunderbar!

        Do you love comfort food?  I do – mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken-fried steak, pot roast, macaroni and cheese.  One of my favorites is Hot German Potato Salad.  It’s not hot as in ‘spicy’.  Unlike other potato...
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