Financial Wellness Month: Riding Out the Recession

January is Financial Wellness Month How are your finances?  Robust and healthy or ready for the ICU? I’m assuming that January was dubbed Financial Wellness Month because it’s a new year, a time when people make New Year’s Resolutions.  Lose weight.   Get out of debt....

Baby, it’s cold outside: cutting power bills 7 ways

Winter has descended on the bunker with a vengeance this year. We’re lucky to live in an area that doesn’t have long winters, and we get very few days where temperatures are in the single digits. However, it has happened twice so far this winter.  And the weatherman...

Needs and wants: you can’t afford to not know the difference

Needs and Wants: A Financial Dilemma January is National Financial Wellness, and I have a question for you?  Are you financially well?  January can be a financially depressing month, after all the spending done over the holidays.  It may be time for you to cinch up...
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