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Don't be scared ... be prepared!
Welcome to PrepperNut! My name is DeeDee Lynn. I've been prepping for over 30 years and I can tell you that nothing will give you more peace of mind than being prepared. I'd love to help you and your family prepare to survive whatever may come your way. Check out my blog posts and products. Be sure to subscribe to my feed and I'd be tickled pink to connect with you on social media.

It’s time to celebrate Mail Order Gardening Month!

It’s Mail Order Gardening Month! I thought it was a little strange when I first learned that Mail Order Gardening Month is in January.  Then again, it makes sense for many of us in the United States.  Mail order gardening is about the only kind of gardening we can do...

Fun Christmas activities for the whole family

      If you have children, you are probably looking forward to spending time with them before and after Christmas.  However, kids don’t always act like angels during the holiday season. Planning some fun Christmas activities can help to make your time...